Mid-conference excursion

On 9th August (Wednesday) delegates will join an excursion to Salto Corumbá, a natural reserve located 30 km from Pirenópolis, where they will have the opportunity to enjoy a walk in the Cerrado, scenic overview, swim in waterfalls and taste typical food. Buses will leave from Pousada dos Pireneus at 08:30h. Mid-conference excursion is free of charge and lunch is included. Please note that collection of botanical material during the excursion is not permitted.


08:30h - Gathering at the Pousada dos Pireneus

08:45h - 30 km bus ride to Salto Corumbá

09:30h - Exploring trails and diversity of legumes (aprox. 2 hour walk)

12:00h - Swimming in the Salto Corumbá waterfall

13:30h - Lunch

15:00h - Bus leaving Salto Corumbá

15:50h - Arrival at Pousada dos Pireneus

Weather in Pirenópolis in August is dry and sunny. Remember to bring with you: bottle of water, sun cream, hat, walking shoes and swimming suit. Water and drinks are available for sale at Salto Corumbá.

Participants will be able to appreciate the rich Cerrado flora including a number of legume species such as Anadenanthera colubrina, Andira vermifuga, Bauhinia rufa, Bowdichia virgilioides, Calliandra dysantha, Chamaecrista claussenii, C. dalbergiifolia, Copaifera langsdorffii, Ctenodon paniculatus, Dalbergia miscolobium, Dimorphandra mollis, Dyterix alata, Harpalyce brasiliana, Hymenaea stigonocarpa, Inga alba, Machaerium opacum, Mimosa claussenii, M. echinocaula, M. pyrenea, M. setosissima, M. virgula, Periandra mediterranea, Plathymenia reticulata, Pterodon emarginatus, Stryphnodendron adstringens, Stylosanthes guianensis, Tachigali rubiginosa, T. subvelutina, and many more!

Machaerium opacum

Mimosa setosissima

Chamaecrista dalbergiifolia

Periandra mediterranea

Visiting herbaria in Brasilia

There are four herbaria in Brasilia mostly dedicated to the Cerrado flora: UB (Universidade de Brasilia; 250,000 specimens), CEN (Embrapa Cenargen; 130,000), IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística; 85,000), HEPH (Jardim Botânico de Brasília; 40,000). 

Please contact the organizing committee if you are interested in visiting these herbaria.

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