The 8ILC is organizing several excursions, which include a one-day trip (mid-conference excursion) for all participants, as well as post-conference trips targeting different destinations in Brazil. 

We advise delegates to contact the coordinators of post-conference excursions for more detailed information and registration. Places are limited. 

Please note that collection of botanical material during excursions is not permitted

Mid-conference excursion

On 9th August (Wednesday) delegates will join excursions to different places surrounding Pirenópolis, where they will have the opportunity to enjoy a walk in the Cerrado, scenic overview, swim in waterfalls and taste typical food. Buses will leave from the Pousada dos Pireneus. Delegates should register in advance for the mid-conference excursion, which will be free of charge. Lunch is included. More information to follow soon.

Post-conference excursions

Trip 1 – Chapada dos Veadeiros (4 days)


An excellent place for nature lovers, the Chapada dos Veadeiros offers a unique opportunity to know the Cerrado flora, including many endemic species. Includes hiking, scenic overview, plants, waterfalls, as well as a day at the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 


Saturday 12th Aug - Bus leaving Pirenópolis at 8:00am. Arrival at São Jorge village at 12:00pm. Vale da Lua waterfalls. 

Sunday 13th Aug – Hiking at the Encontro das Águas trail and waterfall. Evening at São Jorge village. 

Monday 14th Aug – Exploring the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. 

Tuesday 15th Aug – Bus leaving to Brasilia at 9:00am.

Places available



US$ 500 (includes transport, entrance fees to natural sites including the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, local guide, and three-night accommodation in guest house at São Jorge)


Tânia Moura (tmariamoura@gmail.com)

Trip 2 – Porto Seguro (4 days)


Porto Seguro is one of the most popular destinations in Bahia state, northern Brazil. It is a city full of history, culture and natural beauty. Attractions include the place where Europeans first arrived in Brazil, historical sites, indigenous reserves, natural parks where we can find giant pau-brasil trees, as well as beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.


Saturday 12th Aug - Bus leaving Pirenópolis to Brasilia International Airport. Flight Brasilia-Porto Seguro. Afternoon: Check-in in the hotel, visiting historical sites and nightlife in Porto Seguro.

Sunday 13th Aug – Trip to the Pau Brasil National Park, where visitors will be able to walk through well-preserved rainforests that harbour populations of the iconic and endangered Paubrasilia echinata (Brazil-wood), as well as interesting legumes such as the narrow endemic genus Arapatiella and species of Calliandra, Hydrochorea, Parkia, Pipitadenia, Swartzia, and others. 

Monday 14th Aug – A day at the Jaqueira Pataxó indigenous village. Visitors will experience the culture and lifestyle of Brazilian native peoples (lunch included). Sunset at the Tarifa Deck by the Buranhém river.

Tuesday 15th Aug – Flight to Brasilia International Airport.

Places available



US$ 1000 (includes transport, entrance fees to Pau Brasil National Park and Pataxó village, local guide, three-night accommodation in hotel at Porto Seguro, and flight tickets Brasilia-Porto Seguro-Brasilia)


Marcelo Simon (marcelo.simon@embrapa.br)

Trip 3 – Amazon Experience in Manaus (5 days)


Manaus is the largest Brazilian city in the Amazon and the entrance for an expedition into the world’s largest rainforest. Enjoy a walk in the forest to experience the Amazon diversity including plants, and animals. Boat trip to see the iconic meeting of the waters in the Amazon river. Trip to waterfalls and caves.


Saturday 12th Aug - Bus leaving Pirenópolis to Brasilia International Airport. Flight Brasilia-Manaus. Afternoon: Check-in in the hotel, visiting historical sites in Manaus including Largo São Sebastião and Teatro Amazonas.

Sunday 13th Aug – Museu da Amazonia trails in the forest, observation tower, natural and cultural exhibitions. Visit to INPA research institute.

Monday 14th Aug – Boat trip to see the meeting of the waters of rivers Solimões and Negro. Travel to Presidente Figueiredo (two hour drive).

Tuesday 15th Aug – Tour in Presidente Figueiredo waterfalls, caves, and forest walk.

Wednesday 16th Aug – Trip back to Manaus and flight to Brasilia International Airport.

Places available


Estimated Price

US$ 1500 (includes transport, entrance fees, boat trip, local guide, four-night accommodation in hotels at Manaus and Presidente Figueiredo, and flight tickets Brasilia-Manaus-Brasilia)


Thiago Cobra (thiago.cobra@unesp.br)

Visiting herbaria in Brasilia

There are four herbaria in Brasilia mostly dedicated to the Cerrado flora: UB (Universidade de Brasilia; 250,000 specimens), CEN (Embrapa Cenargen; 130,000), IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística; 85,000), HEPH (Jardim Botânico de Brasília; 40,000). 

Please contact the organizing committee if you are interested in visiting these herbaria.

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